And then the e-scooter gods said, “let there be lights!” 

Shopping for e-scooter lights can be overwhelming sometimes. There are tonnes of options on the market, each with different price points and features. To make life easy for you, we’ve compiled eight of our favourites. A connoisseur’s choice, so to say.

Bookman – Reflective Snap Bands

Remember those snap rulers you used to see kids slapping on their arms at school? Well, here’s one to keep you safe. Introducing Bookman’s reflective snap bands, ideal for e-scooter visibility on a budget. These reflective bands fit comfortably around your arm, leg, handlebars or bag, giving you that essential 360 degree visibility when riding at night. They’ll also increase the distance you’re seen by up to 5 times. Pretty impressive for under a tenner, hey?

PRICE: £8.00

Litta – Solar Powered E-Scooter Light

Protect the planet and yourself with the solar powered e-scooter light by Litta. Harness the power of the sun and shine it right back at other road users long after it’s set. This eco-friendly option is ready to go after just 3 hours of sunlight, with an impressive 5 hours battery life. 

PRICE: £15.00

Beryl – Pixel Light

This award winning light is perfect for staying visible when riding through the city. Not only is the Beryl Pixel ultra lightweight, but it can be attached to virtually anything, from your helmet to your body. Enjoy up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge from this waterproof number. Beryl’s Pixel is a bit like wine, in that you have a choice of red or white. It’s up to you.

PRICE: £25.00


Spread your electric wings and soar through the city like an eagle all with the peace of mind that you’re safe with your Winglights. Winglights are a waterproof, easy to install option when it comes to safely navigating busy streets on two wheels. Attach each light to the end of your handlebars and you’re good to go. Not only do these bright lights give you 360 degrees of visibility, but they’re also great indicators. Stay safe and signal like a pro.

PRICE: £30.00

Bookman – Rechargeable High Power Front Light

This powerful front light does exactly what it says on the tin. With a whopping 220 lumens, people are going to have a hard time saying they didn’t see you coming. Enjoy up to 70 hours of battery life per single charge meaning you can ride through the night with confidence. Enjoy all the perks that being a human lighthouse provides with this quality light from Bookman.

PRICE: £35.00

Bookman – Rechargeable Headlamp

Another great e-scooter lighting option from Bookman, here. This rechargeable headlamp, better known as the ‘Monocle’ packs a dazzling 225 lumens of brightness. Plenty to see where you’re going in the dark while keeping you visible. If you aren’t a fan of wearable headlamps, this one might change your mind. It’s so lightweight, you’ll forget that it’s even there. Stay seen. Stay safe.

PRICE: £45.00

Galanck – 360 Lighting Kit

Looking for something small, but mighty? The Galanck 360 lighting kit is what you need! Each kit comes with two separate lights, one white and one red, each providing 180 degrees of visibility. Use one on the front of your scooter and one on the back for the full 360 degrees. Thanks to Galanck’s double attachment system, the 360 lighting kit can fit to your scooter, your bag, or your Christmas tree. With up to 40 hours of battery life and 180 lumens, the 360 lighting kit is sure to keep you visible at night.

PRICE: £60.00

Beryl – Laserlight Core

As is tradition, we’ve saved the best ’til last. The Laserlight Core from Beryl is today’s showstopper, and what a shining beauty it is! Fitted with Beryl’s patented laser projection tech, the Laserlight Core shines an image on the road ahead of you. Not only is this cool to look at, but it keeps you seen at junctions and blind spots. With its 400 lumen headlight, this is the brightest e-scooter light in today’s selection. Shine like the sun for up to 41 hours with this top notch light for the city commuter. 

PRICE: £75.00

The Future is Bright!

When it comes to riding an e-scooter, being visible is being safe. Make sure the whole city can see you blaze by with our selection of high quality e-scooter lights. If you found this article helpful, why not give it a share? While you’re at it, make sure to check out our blog for more friendly e-scooter tips, tricks and advice.