Autumn is here! It’s time to don your favourite woolly jumper and dash through the streets on your trusty scooter. While it is an idyllic season, autumn brings with it some unfavourable conditions for us e-scooter riders — most notably, rain and water. If water gets inside your scooter’s circuitry, expect fizzled out motherboards and burnt out batteries. 

Understanding waterproofing is important. It’s the difference between making a splash or going caput at the first puddle. Let’s get you up to speed.

Are E-Scooters Waterproof?

It’s important to note that the vast majority of e-scooters are not truly waterproof. For a scooter to be considered waterproof, it would have to survive being submerged in water with no liquid getting inside the components. Most e-scooters are, however, water resistant. This means they can cope with some water exposure, for example, a splash, but not the local swimming pool. 

Understanding Water Resistance & ‘IP Ratings’

There are different levels of water resistance a scooter can have. Manufacturers display this information with something called an IP rating. This stands for Ingress Protection. 

The first digit of the IP rating refers to debris resistance, while the second digit refers to water resistance. The higher the number, the better the protection. If you see an X, it means the scooter hasn’t been tested in that category.

So, what do all those fiddly numbers mean exactly? Below you’ll find two handy tables explaining everything you need to know for water and debris protection.

Water Protection:

RatingCan Survive
XHasn’t been tested 
0No protection against water
1Vertically dripping water
2Dripping water up to 15° from vertical
3Sprayed water up to 60 degrees from vertical
4Splashed water from any angle
5Pressurised water from any angle 
6High pressure water jets from any angle
6KVery high pressure water jets from any angle
7Up to 1m water immersion for 30 minutes 
8Up to 3m water immersion
9KExtreme pressure and high temperatures from any angle

Debris Protection:

RatingCan Survive
XHasn’t been tested 
0No protection against debris
1Large objects, 5cm and up such as stones
2Medium objects, 1.3cm and up such as sticks 
3Small objects, 2.5mm and up such as thick wires
4Very small objects, 1mm and up such as small screws
5Partially protected against dust
6Dust tight! No dust will get in

Some e-scooter manufacturers don’t display their IP ratings. This doesn’t mean that they’re not water resistant. Most e-scooters are fit to travel through light rain for short periods of time. However, to avoid unnecessary damage we recommend avoiding wet conditions where possible — especially heavy rain. 

Water Resistant Rides

Factory made water resistant e-scooters exist and they’re awesome. For those who need a commuter scooter that gets them from A to B daily, the Inokim OXO has you covered. With an IP X4 rating, it has no problems dealing with a bit of rain. Just don’t ride it through deep puddles. 

Next up, we have the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 Pro. If you’re in the market for an off-roader, this scooter is for you! With its IP X4 rating, it’s more than capable of tackling wet weather, giving you a killer combo of great water resistance and beefy off-road power.

DIY Waterproofing 

There’s plenty of home remedies out there to fortify your steed from the dangers of water. The easiest thing you can do is purchase a waterproof cover. You won’t be able to use it while riding, but it will provide plenty of protection when your scooter is stored outdoors.

Take a close look at your deck. You might notice gaps with visible wires and components inside. These gaps are weak spots for water damage. Add some water resistance to your ride by taping them up with duct tape. This is a cheap and easy fix that won’t affect your warranty.

If you want to ride in the rain, you should seriously consider buying a waterproof screen protector. They slide over your scooter’s LED screen, much like on a phone, protecting the expensive electronics hidden inside from water damage. 

As the battery is one of the priciest parts of your scooter, you want to be sure it’s safe. Give yourself peace of mind by fitting a ring seal. They’re cheap and easily installed to the bottom of your scooter, keeping your battery dry and safe from harm’s way. 

Ride Rain, or Shine

Hopefully by now you’re all clued up on the wonders of waterproofing. If you’re lucky, your scooter will have a top notch IP rating, and you’ll be able to manoeuvre it through all kinds of aquatic scenarios. If it doesn’t, there are plenty of methods available to get your scooter wet weather ready. 

While you’re here, why not check out our waterproof jackets, so you’ll be prepared, no matter what the skies throw at you!