Commuter scooters are for anyone needing to get from A to B but don’t fancy walking or facing the trials of public transport. When it comes down to choosing which e-scooter is right for you, it’s wise to do a bit of comparison between models. Don’t sweat just yet, because we’ve done the comparison for you. Sit back and relax as we pit three of the very best commuter scooters against each other. In the arena today we have the Unagi Model 1 versus the Inmotion L9 versus the Inokim Mini 2. Let’s see how they shape up. 


Commuter scooters are some of the most affordable e-scooters, costing far less than their high-performance cousins. That being said, you still want to make sure that you’re getting some great performance for your money. Here’s how much today’s challengers will set you back:

Inokim Mini


Unagi Model 1: £899.00
Inmotion L9: £749.00
Inokim Mini 2: £549

The Inokim Mini 2 – One of the best value commuter scooters on the market.


Commuter scooters aren’t known for fast speeds, but that doesn’t mean they’re slow. Both the Unagi Model 1 and the Inokim Mini 2 have a top speed of 15mph (24kph), making them great all-rounders for your every day commuter.

The Inmotion L9 on the other hand can go considerably faster than the previous two scooters, with a top speed of 18.9mph (30kph). Don’t forget, with greater speed comes greater responsibility, so make sure to wear a helmet.


Unagi Model 1: 15mph (24kp/h)
Inmotion L9: 18.8mph (30kp/h)
Inokim Mini 2: 15mph (24kp/h)

The Inmotion L9one of the fastest commuter scooters on the market.


The Unagi Model 1 has received much praise for its ease of portability. Weighing just 10.5kg, it’s more than light enough for most people to carry. You’ll also benefit from its foldable and lockable handlebars and stem forming a convenient handle to carry your scooter from.

The Inokim Mini 2 is another lightweight option, also weighing in at 10.5kg. Not only do the handlebars and stem fold and lock, but you also get a handy set of travel wheels, ideal for wheeling your scooter around a train platform or airport. 

Due to its larger size and bulkier weight of 24kg, the Inmotion L9 is the least portable scooter out of the three. As with the previous two models, you’ll have a folding and locking mechanism, carrying it by the stem or transporting it in the back of a car.  

Inokim Mini 2


Unagi Model 1: 10.5kg
Inmotion L9: 24kg
Inokim Mini 2: 10.5kg

Inokim Mini 2 – One of the best value commuter scooters on the market.


The Unagi Model 1 features unique custom-designed airless tyres. These provide a good amount of shock absorption with the added benefit that you never have to worry about getting a flat. The deck size is slightly larger than average which is ideal for riders with big feet. 

The Inmotion l9‘s dual suspension and pneumatic tyres provide an exceptional ride quality. You’ll have no problems riding on decent quality roads and you’ll even be able to tackle a few potholes. You’ll also benefit from the extra wide deck which leaves plenty of space for both feet. 

The Inokim Mini 2 doesn’t feature as much suspension other than it’s rear shock absorber, making it non-suitable for those journeys off the beaten path. Combine this with its robust tyres and you have a ride that isn’t quite as solid as it’s competitors. The Inokim Mini 2 performs best on smooth surfaces making them ideal for city riders.


Unagi Model 1: 10.5kg
Inmotion L9: 24kg
Inokim Mini 2: 10.5kg

The Unagi Model 1 – One of the best value commuter scooters on the market.


Our battle of the commuter scooters has finally come to an end. The Inmotion L9 has the best value for money, no questions asked. You have that higher max speed, exceptional ride quality and a range that goes unbeaten by rival commuter scooters. If you’re going on long journeys you seriously need to consider the Inmotion L9. 

That being said, if you’re looking for a scooter with ease of portability then the Inokim Mini 2 and Unagi Model 1 become serious contenders. They’re lightweight —making them easy to carry, even up stairs. If you’re just planning on popping to work and back these scooters are an ideal choice. 

The Unagi Model 1 has a superior ride quality and design when compared to the Inokim Mini 2. Nonetheless, the Inokim Mini 2’s affordability gives it a considerable advantage.