Ninebot E-scooter Repairs From £20

The Ninebot Segway models are some of the most common e-scooters seen on UK roads. From their light and convenient ES and E22E models to the more robust and long distance G30 MAX they offer excellent options for all sorts of e-scooter riders.

Soho Scooters is London’s leading Ninebot Segway repairs shop

Ninebot do offer a postal repair service from their workshop in Holland, but it can take an awfully long time to get your e-scooter returned in the post. Fortunately, over the thousands of repairs we have performed on Ninebot’s, we’ve gotten pretty comfortable in handling most of the issues that crop up. One caveat to this is that parts for the newer models are yet to reach UK shores. The Air T15, E45E, E22E AND E25E which have been released in the last year have very little support. Their controllers and batteries are very hard to get hold of and difficult to install.

NB: Unfortunately we do not have a huge amount of space to store repaired e-scooters in our workshop after repairs have been completed. After 3 days have passed after repair Soho Scooters reserves the right to charge a £5 a day storage fee unless a later collection has been agreed.  

Types of repairs


From £24

  • Puncture repair
  • Inner tube replacement
  • Remove and replace tubeless tyres
  • Removing sealant (slime)

Mud guards

From £35

  • Mudguard replacement
  • Mudguard fitting or removal
  • Rewiring brake lights


From £36

  • Throttle repair
  • Throttle stiffness
  • Tuning and refining
  • Motherboard replacement


From £26

  • Brake pad replacement
  • Brake calibration and adjustment
  • Brake alignment
  • Brake lever change


From £40

  • Electrical repair
  • Dashboard replacement
  • Rewiring front light
  • Error code diagnosis


From £75

  • Electrical fault identification
  • Motherboard replacement
  • Rewiring
  • Installation

Hook and pin

From £20

  • Repair and replacement
  • Stiffness & lubrication
  • Carry hook and bell repair


From £160

  • Battery failure repair
  • Battery replacement
  • Water damage diagnosis


From £25

  • Full inspection to identify issues
  • Advise on repairs and fixes
  • Transparent quote for parts and labour

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Where to find us

Visit us at the Soho Scooters workshop & store: Monday to Friday 9am–6pm, Saturday and Sunday 12–5pm
motherboard and motor repair escooter segway ninebot

Motherboard & motor repairs

The G30 Max has a robust frame that rarely causes damage to the internal electronics, however we do have on occasional needed to replace the motherboard when damage is incurred through constant riding. Motherboard/controller damage is much more common in the ES models and this is caused by the battery and controller being contained in the stem. Unfortunately it often requires a motor repair in addition and in most cases when we have an electrical error not pertaining to the battery we have to replace the motor and motherboard simultaneously.

ninebot segway escooter tyre

Tyres & inner tube replacement

Ninebot tyres can be a real pain to replace. Tubeless tyres require compression machinery to replace and there are currently no workshops in London that provide this! Our solution is to put a large 11” inner tube in with an upgraded tyre that provides extra protection.

The solid tyres on the ES models are a bit of a design flaw that Segway Ninebot seem to have tried to rectify on their newer ‘E’ models with foam filled tyres. Solid tyres seen on these models make for a very rickety ride and can cause all sorts of damage to the internal mechanisms.

segway ninebot brake repair

Throttle & brake repair

Throttle and brake lever issues are another common area where we see error codes with Segway Ninebot models. These are usually a fairly simple fix that require re-wiring new components to replace the broken part. A simple knock on the plastic thumb throttle can cause enough damage to the internal magnet to stop this from working. We can usually get this repair turned around in a an hour or so.

Segway ninebot escooter folding pole

Folding pole repair

We have the capability to fix the folding pole on the Ninebot G30 MAX, which is a common repair we undertake on Ninebot e-scooters. Like many e-scooters the extra weight that goes through the front folding mechanism can eventually cause irreparable damage to the pole through metal dilation. Occasionally it requires just a bit of clever tightening to solve the issue but in some cases the whole stem needs replacing. We have these parts in stock.

Segway-Ninebot Repairs FAQs

  • What does the error code mean on my Segway-Ninebot e-scooter? 

    Error codes are displayed on the LED panel on your e-scooter when the motherboard senses something isn’t working correctly. The most common error codes pertain to brake, throttle or motherboard damage - especially on the Ninebot ES2 and ES4 models. In most instances there is a fairly easy fix for these error codes. If it is an error code we haven’t previously seen before we will run a diagnostic investigation to get to the route of the problem and then perform the repair. 

  • Can I change the tyres on my Segway-Ninebot MAX G30? 

    Changing tyres on the Max G30 is a difficult task. The tubeless tyres out the box require factory machinery to replace. We have found a way to replace the tyre with a classic pneumatic inner tube that provides extra protection from punctures but it is a time consuming job that takes some serious man power. The tyres on the original ES models are solid and cannot be changed in our workshop. On the updated e22e models we can change tyres and inner tubes no problem.  

  • Why is there a spanner and beeping when I turn on my Segway-Ninebot e-scooter? 

    The spanner and/or beeping is a sign that something isn’t quite right. Similarly to the error codes the controller is telling you there is a fault with one or some of the electrical components. In most cases we will be able to get to the bottom of the issue and find a solution but we will need to spend some time working out what is wrong - sometimes this can be discovered using the app. 

  • What upgrades are available for my Ninebot e-scooter? 

    The design of the ES and E22E models don’t really lend themselves to upgrades. The ES2 has a very simple external battery upgrade which offers extra range and speed. The best upgrade for a Max G30 is front Monorim suspension which takes some of the shocks out of bumpy terrain. We can fit these on for you in our workshop. There is also an external battery upgrade for the G30 Max but as we have seen several dangerous after market battery upgrades we do not perform this upgrade.  

  • Can I make my Ninebot e-scooter go faster? 

    We do not encourage “hacking” e-scooters motherboards to release extra power. It generally leads to electrical faults that are expensive and is an illegal practice. We are here for your safety and as such our company policy is never to hack e-scooters to make them go faster.