Xiaomi E-scooter Repairs From £18

Soho Scooters is London’s authorised Xiaomi repair workshop These ubiquitous machines have spawned all sorts of copy cats and clones that can be found on the internet at rock bottom prices, but Xiaomi remains one of the most popular e-scooter brands today. Easily modified and upgraded, Xiaomi scooters can bed souped up in a number of ways with front and rear suspension from Monorim a popular choice currently. Xiaomi Scooters we repair are: Pro, Pro 2, Essential, 1s and more.

NB: Unfortunately we do not have a huge amount of space to store repaired e-scooters in our workshop after repairs have been completed. After 3 days have passed after repair Soho Scooters reserves the right to charge a £5 a day storage fee unless a later collection has been agreed.  

Types of repairs


From £24

  • Puncture repair
  • Inner tube replacement
  • Remove and replace tubeless tyres
  • Removing sealant (slime)

Mud guards

From £35

  • Mudguard replacement
  • Mudguard fitting or removal
  • Rewiring brake lights


From £36

  • Throttle repair
  • Throttle stiffness
  • Tuning and refining
  • Motherboard replacement


From £26

  • Brake pad replacement
  • Brake calibration and adjustment
  • Brake alignment
  • Brake lever change


From £40

  • Electrical repair
  • Dashboard replacement
  • Rewiring front light
  • Error code diagnosis


From £75

  • Electrical fault identification
  • Motherboard replacement
  • Rewiring
  • Installation

Hook and pin

From £20

  • Repair and replacement
  • Stiffness & lubrication
  • Carry hook and bell repair


From £160

  • Battery failure repair
  • Battery replacement
  • Water damage diagnosis


From £25

  • Full inspection to identify issues
  • Advise on repairs and fixes
  • Transparent quote for parts and labour

Call or message our workshop to book

020 7287 0655

Where to find us

Visit us at the Soho Scooters workshop & store: Monday to Friday 9am–6pm, Saturday and Sunday 12–5pm
xiaomi tyre replacement

Inner tube and Tyre repair for Xiaomi

Whilst many opt for the solid tyre we have found these an unsafe and unsatisfactory change. They don’t work very well under braking and the lack of inherent suspension rattles the electrics until they break. It is far better to keep your tyres pumped up regularly for safety and comfort. Replacing the inner tube is a deceptively tricky affair - especially around the front motor. Many have tried and failed finding getting a good seal on the tyre a chore and pinching the inner tube. Though you might be tempted just to replace the inner tube we have found that often the wear and tear on the inner walls of the tyre mean a puncture isn’t far away. Far better to replace both when the time comes and give the repair the longevity we all crave when it comes to new tyres. Unfortunately, tyre punctures are common and a poorly aligned inner tube will result in a pinch that pops when dismounting curbs. 

electric scooter repair workshop soho scooters

Brakes repair and servicing on Xiaomi models

Brakes are highly consumable parts. They take the brunt of wear and tear when braking at speed and the pads will need replacing every 3-6 months. To extend the lifespan of the pads it is best to get the brakes calibrated properly every once in a while. They shouldn’t feel squishy - better to be tight and responsive. We can perform brake pad changes, disc brake alterations and general servicing easily and quickly at our workshop in Soho. 

Another common problem we see often in the workshop is broken brake lever handles. A broken internal magnet or broken handle can result in an error code 15 that will stop the scooter from being able to operate. We can replace the brake lever or in some cases fix the internal magnet. 

xiaomi throttle replacement

Throttle repair

A common issue with Xiaomi e-scooters is throttle breakages that lead to error code 14 or simply the e-scooters failing to engage the motor. A small magnetic switch inside the throttle usually communicates with the motherboard to tell the motor to engage but an aggressive hit can break them easily. It is a fairly easy repair on most models to fix the magnet or replace the throttle switch. 

xiaomi folding pole replacement

Folding Pole replacement for Xiaomi

Another repair we perform a lot in the workshop is replacing damaged folding poles. Over time, the clamp can degrade and cause your stem to wobble and make your ride uncomfortable. A crash can also cause it to snap. We can fix the clamp or replace the whole component if necessary. It requires rewiring and can take up to 45 minutes to complete the work.  

xiaomi motherboard replacement

Motherboard, Motor, Dashboard and Battery issues

The electrical components in e-scooters are particularly susceptible to water damage and damage due to over heating. We can repair all manner of issues on the same day. If you’re scooter is not turning on or showing you an error code get in touch and we will be happy to advise you on the most cost effective solution to get your Xiaomi e-scooter back to its best. 

Batteries are the most expensive part of your e-scooter and extra care should be taken to look after it to avoid an expensive replacement. We can advise you on the best way to maintain its lifespan.  

xiaomi suspension upgrade

Suspension upgrades

There are a number of companies currently producing front and rear suspension kits for Xiaomi e-scooters. Monorim is the finest example currently on the market. Front suspension will take a lot of the shock out of dismounting the curb and other bumps in the road. Even better is the rear suspension kit that will make your journey a much smoother experience. Get in touch if you are interested in having them installed on your e-scooter. 

Repairs FAQs

  • What upgrades are available for a Xiaomi e-scooter? 

    We can add front and rear suspension, Custom decks from Berry Boards, mudguard upgrades and bigger tyres. 

  • Why is my Xiaomi e-scooter not turning on? 

    The most common reason behind an e-scooter not turning on is battery failure due to water damage. Sometimes it is caused by the motherboard fusing or snapped wires. In order to understand where the issue has come from we will need to perform a diagnostic. 

  • Can you put on solid tyres onto a Xiaomi e-scooter? 

    At Soho Scooters we do not recommend solid tyres as they are unsafe (due to lack of grip) and bad for the internal electrical components. Many of the repairs we see in our workshop are caused by the damage to batteries and motherboards caused by the constant battering an e-scooter experiences when ridden with solid tyres. We advise properly installed inner tubes and quality tyres. 

  • Can I make my Xiaomi E-scooter go faster? 

    Whilst it is possible to make Xiaomi e-scooters go a little bit faster by “hacking” the motherboard it invariably causes damage to the battery and motor in the long run. As such we do not perform this on any scooters in the workshop.